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Old Post: September 07: Baltimore Club Music; What about Us.....

Baltimore Club What about Us.....
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We ...When I say we I mean US all of us who this pertains to...Baltimore...Remain Standing...
Short and sweet… Baltimore Club Music...Some of us Luv it and more of us hate ON it. I went through my little phases. I used to DJ, Use to go to the DOX, then I couldn't stand club music...But, the shit is hot. Ok some is kind-a-crazy to where-as-though I don't want to listen in the car...But one thing about Baltimore Club is that it is BALTIMORE Club!!! It's ours people!!! and can't nobody take it away from us unless we allow them to ...And the saga begins...Chicago got their style of music that's Kind-a-just-like Baltimore Club, I heard that Pharrell- had- said...That he was gonna make a new sound using Baltimore and Miami styles of Music...and have you listened to that new Twista joint, Listen Close....[(hook) Black girlz wanna give it up, yeah....wanna give it up] sounds just like ..."North-n-Long, put 'cha gunz up, pow....put 'cha gunz up..." (Ms. Toni old shit).
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With all of the things we claim and don't own...One thing we do have and don't want it. What the fuck is our problem? I hope all of the Baltimore Niggaz that are signed to major labels, as of now, go mega-platinum and Play their hand correctly and what ever needs to be poppin, get it poppin and don't look back.

Niggaz like Aaron Lecrate and Samir (who I don't know personally) are doing their thing with it (Club Music) from what 'm well as Rod Lee, Booman, and all of the legends and niggaz that's hot. (Anyone who knows of any situations…That's a whole different story which I don't have all or any of the answers to, don't shoot the blogger, I will shoot back),
I'm sure these individuals are aware that they are sitting on GOLD, The world is waiting to dance and give you their money!!!!
I could say so much more but...U get my point right?
Heaven, Happiness, Family, Prosperity, and Luv.

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