Thursday, January 24, 2008

Didn't mean no harm....

Hola!(= Hello en espanol) It is 2:42 AM.... just came from Double T, after performing @ the Belvedere. I hope everybody enjoyed the "GREEN Experience." I didn't mean no harm... I appreciate everybody coming out that said they would come; you all know who you are. You're all cordially invited to the very next show (lol). Hopefully that will be soon. Good Night!


ladyshua aka rebirth73 said...

Bless Up GREEN! I have yet to see your show and hope you make it up here to Philly sometime so I can catch you.

Its 3:28 AM and it was a long ride back to Philly from B'More on the "A" trak.

I read your "cached" page about how things may go down on 1.27.08(as in will things suck that evening?) Well, from my vantage point, I would have to say that it had its sucking moments.

I must say that I was really disappointed in the "Ladies Night Out" Venue... For one, too many bruthas were there, so I guess we can kick the "Ladies" part out of the equation. Oh and did I mention how nasty most of the B'more folks were? Not to generalize, but dayum! Lastly, the house wasn't even a third full and those that were there barely showed any real love or got out of their seats to rock the night right.

Common was cool, but I need a tighter; more intimate setting to see him in. I mentioned on his website that I def. wouldn't pay dollars to see him in an arena, nor any other "true" hip-hop artist. Intimacy is key.

So Green, would you rather blow up and do mega venues, or bless up and keep it real with the underground?
I know you gotta eat...

Your call.

Hope to see you in the iladelpha cause you know I ain't com'n to B'more. :)

Peace Ya


*GREENSPAN* said...

Yeah, 1st thing... I'm just seeing your post... Thanx 4 the Luv 4real. I was just speaking to someone about coming up and getting some of that Philly Luv. I got a plug thru A friend of mine got something going on 2-20-08. If GREENSPAN can be included, GREENSPAN will be in attendance.

Sorry to hear about you sour experience on the 27th. I heard about the show but you painted the real picture.
Stay tuned for updates on shows and the official release parties for "GOT GREEN?"

Thanx 4 the Luv Homie!!!