Monday, August 10, 2009

Dubois Meets Fugger Elevator / That real Up n Down Stroke

'Coldest' elevator ever!.. or "Me n U/ Yo Mama n yo Cuzzin too..." any way:
This elevator is whut I want for my birthday; upon me becoming wealthy and able to purchase a property with an elevator on the inside!! :)


Click the Pics to go to the main page. Click the last pick on the main page to view video. (then, see if you notice the lil black ninja thing chopping the bunny rabbits head off!! lol) This elevator is so coveted by This Guy!!!
Check out shop-around.
To many people, the elevator is just a device to get you up or down. A ride in this amazing warehouse elevator in the city of Antwerp makes you forget about boring elevator shafts. This fully illustrated elevator-shaft is one of the recent projects of the Dutch rep agency Shop Around - mainly representing illustrators, graphic designers and animators and motion graphic designers.

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