Friday, May 29, 2009

...Reviewed the show...

Dope Review by Marcus Dowling on the Greenspan/ Wale-UCB/ Get 'em Mami's/ Big Sean Show @ Sonar!!.. My DJ is DJ Soundwave!!! :)

"Greenspan, a 22 year old Baltimore native emcee hit the stage with Booman backing him, and rocked the crowd with a spirited thirty minute set that highlighted the many positives he brings to the game. His live performance, heavy on a refreshing, self effacing attitude eventually won over the room, as did his take on DJ Sega's "Colours" track, a spastic and hyperkinetic club favorite that the multisyllablic favoring, battle tested and perpetually battle ready emcee took on with deft lyricism. As well, his edit of Alicia Keys' "You Don't Know My Name," the simply stated "You Know My Name," a tale of getting your heart broken by a woman who clearly didn't see a chance meeting turning into a chance at love is a winner as well, and a definite must listen for the more pop attuned ear wanting an entre into the Greenspan library."

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