Friday, August 8, 2008

Noise, Noise, Noise!!!!!

Okay... From a pretty cool record review, to a semi-review of the record review, to my homie Notorious G.A.B. blogging about GREEN:) and posting this CRazy pic of me (with J.B., Travis, Yung GABBI 3000, alongside Jade Fox and her crew... []), Noise, Noise, Noise!!! I haven't even done the shit I would like to do to get talked about.
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Click here to Check Out "GOT GREEN?" Review..

Thanks Al Shipley for the cool, honest-unbiased review of "GOT GREEN?" I like the CD myself. I like to think of it as a kind-a-creative piece of work. I Luv Sonar and Ottobar, My new favorite MC (Baltimore) is Eze Jackson of Soul Cannon. This nigga is awesome, Soul Cannon is definitely the ish... I think I'm kind-a-late... Monday, August 4th, was my first time experiencing them live.

Now Click Here to Read about GREENSPAN @ Government Names...

GREENSPAN # 7 on the 20 Most Anticipated of 2008

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Anonymous said...

awww Green, you a big sweety =]
of course imma blog about you, im just glad you liked it and i meant every word
people gotta know who Greenspan is =]
people gotta know
ooohh man, how good is that pic though?
im looking forward to alot more nights like that one