Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shout Out to ladyshua aka rebirth73 in Philly!!!

Yeah, 1st thing... I'm just seeing your post... Thanx 4 the Luv 4real. I was just speaking to someone about coming up and getting some of that Philly Luv. I got a plug thru recordholders.blogspot.com. A friend of mine got something going on 2-20-08. If GREENSPAN can be included, GREENSPAN will be in attendance.

Sorry to hear about you sour experience on the 27th. I heard about the show but you painted the real picture.
Stay tuned for updates on shows and the official release parties for "GOT GREEN?"

Thanx 4 the Luv Homie!!!

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jtorceo said...

Yea...its tuesday, the 19th, reminding you about tomorrows music panel. Execs def in the building and still tryin to see if you able to go...hit me up on the gmail. ill prob go up there by train. If you can't its cool, cuz we have two other panels coming up soon.