Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let Them Look, Get it on In Public!!!

Yes it is. "GOT GREEN?" This warm-up to what classic material will be. Soon enough, you to will be able to witness GREEN via iTunes, Rhapsody and/or …{"Soon enough, Rolling Stone!!!" ...(Actually Speaking to the magazine.)}
We create the music selfishly, and hope that we (I) reach, touch, or impact someone's life and/or emotions. If the masses happen to not respond, the “power hitters” stare you in the face during your performance as if you were wearing mascara and pearls, but one person decides to make you aware of the connection they received during your display… SCORE!!! And it makes all the difference to a selfish, but generous artist: Selfish in the sense that you really could care less what these niggaz think about you, because you know where you’re headed; But generous in the sense that you care so much and you long for the public’s approval. So be it. Let’s make’em like it/ want it/ hate (on) it/ and gossip.
Back to connections and the one’s you WILL touch. I love triumphant moments, emotional lyrics and artist who embrace these experiences. Two moments in music stand out in my mind at this particular minute. Both moments have been documented as clips (I saw on You Tube). The first one was Kanye West performing “Hey Mama” with his ‘Mama’ on Ellen ( Long story short, I cried. The second clip is from a recently added name to my “Favorite Artist” list (along with M.I.A., Corinne Bailey Rae, Andre 3000, amongst a few others), Nikki Jean. This is the young lady on Lupe’s new album, “The Cool,” featured on songs “Hip-Hop Saved My Life,” and “Little Weapon.” Her posts on You Tube are so personal and from a viewer’s stand point, their directed towards “me,” as if She was a long time friend of mine. [Her Myspace page:]. Ok, Ok the post, at this link:, connected with me. She goes to purchase multiple copies of “The Cool,” puts the CD in the player, and is overwhelmed to know that people all over the world will hear her words and voice for the first time that day. I understood the feeling, have had the feeling, and I want it back. Therefore, I don’t turn back and travel away from the places I want to be. I’m right around the corner…
These blog posts will begin to be updated more often. From now on, check in weekly to hear from my soul, about my experiences and my interpretations of them.
Thank You

People are brought into you life for a reason. It just may be to introduce you to that "divine connection." Don't ruin a relationship, but take it for what it's worth and thank God for the friend.

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